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What is the Lunar Sign?

Do you know your Lunar sign?

In general, we know our astrological sign. It is determined by the position of the sun at the time of our birth and determines our personality. It's called the Solar Sign.

Ascendancy, on the other hand, influences our way of thinking, our aspirations, our inner world in a way, and will influence our actions because it is a reflection of the evolution that must take our lives.

The lunar sign is opposed to your solar sign. It represents the hidden face of your personality. The one you do not reveal, or very little, or only those who know you perfectly can see you. In a very subtle energy trend in recent years, it is easier for us to feel and understand this lunar sign. And more and more often, you meet people who do not really recognize themselves in their solar sign, and who, in the horoscopes read more headings devoted to their ascendant or their lunar sign.

Why is the Lunar sign so important?

The era in which we live does not vibrate on the same frequencies as before. We are more and more in consciousness, in transparency than in appearance. Truth seekers, we want above all to know what we are doing here. Aware of a way of life to achieve, we would not want to "miss out".

But it is often difficult to understand what we must do, why we have this or that action etc ... In this, the ascendant guides you to know your way of personal evolution. As for the Lunar sign, it brings you other realities, abilities that you have in you ...

A thorough understanding interior

We do not always understand why some desired results never happen. There, where the Lunar Sign intervenes, it is in our inner duality. The notions of opposition, duality, or white and black, or good and bad, are familiar. And our desire to understand ourselves more, to know who we are and where we are is more and more present in us.

Some see in their lunar sign, a door allowing them to access an unconscious part of themselves, to discover a facet of themselves which is either not exploited enough or represents brakes or obstacles that the person puts himself. If they are honest with themselves, then they really find their deep characteristics in that sign. They better understand some of their workings, their own contradictions, and can put "words" on some things they feel.

Bring Yin and Yang together, for harmony

If we assume that the Lunar sign represents our hidden face, by discovering it, we can better know ourselves. We can better control or identify certain behaviors. We can shed light on certain shadows ... But we can also bring an extra light to our way of life!

Understanding his Lunar Sign and associating it effectively with his Solar Sign makes it possible to unite his yin and yang, to be in harmony internally and externally. For this, you must of course master and understand the 2 signs. What each of them brings you. In both signs you have to balance their strengths and weaknesses, accept them, and use them.

How does the Lunar Sign work?

For women, the Lunar sign will be even more pronounced in its youth. She is very connected to her lunar sign and this is one of the reasons we talk about feminine intuition ... The woman "leaves" her lunar sign to discover her solar sign during her life. She starts from her feminine side to discover her masculine side.

For the man, it's the opposite. Very focused on his solar sign at the beginning of his life, he must discover little by little the qualities and characteristics of his Lunar Sign. One must discover his masculine part in him, and the other must discover his feminine part. It is thus a question of bringing together one's yin and one's yang, to be complete and to reach a certain inner peace.

Characteristics of Lunar Signs

To know what is his lunar sign is good! Knowing what it means is better!

Here is a description of each of the signs as a lunar sign:

Your Moon is in Aries:

Many ideas of any kind and any field, your brain is rarely stopped, but going to the end of things is a different story! You lack patience and quickly go through the steps sometimes to your detriment. You love your freedom and do not let anyone come to get in your way. You are both very independent but like to be surrounded. Tip: Do not try to always want to save time and control your dispersion. Because you are often disappointed to see nothing happen as you wish. Try to go to the end of something to have the pleasure of feeling a real fulfillment satisfaction.

Your Moon is in Taurus:

Very predictable, you like stability. And to avoid being caught off guard, you always have a backup solution or plan B. You analyze, dissect, to understand the depth of things. Your biggest fear is to miss anything, whether in the love side, or in the material side. You do not really like loneliness and are attached to your traditions that reassure you. You're pretty slow in everything you do, but that's because you're a perfectionist in the soul. We also appreciate your safe and reliable judgment, since nothing is left to chance and you do not make decisions lightly. The sign of the bull also gives you a stubborn character, and it is difficult to make you change your mind. You are so sure of yourself, of your decisions since you have analyzed everything and planned everything ... You are in the whole person kind and endearing.

Your Moon is in Gemini:

Your curiosity is a strong point, it always gives you the desire to move or discover new things. This can, however, give you an inconsistent look. Very creative, and imaginative, you like to give free rein to all your desires. You hate boredom and everything that forces you to stay put. You have quickly gone around things, and one thing often leads to another. Slower people annoy you, but you need to have a solid, stable environment on which you know you can count in case of slippage, or punctual help. You do not like conflicts and may tend to dodge quickly. Yet sometimes you take the risks. You know how to recognize your responsibility or take the lead. The advice: do not always be tempted by passions whatever they are. Try to moderate yourself.

Your Moon is in Cancer:

The water element of the sign of Cancer fits perfectly with the Moon. Your mood and your morale follow the cycles of the moon ... You can go from one excesses to another without understanding why. You are however very sensitive and very endearing. There is a certain sweetness, and a fluidity in your thoughts that is appreciated. You are able to "see clearly" where it seems confusing for others. You work a lot with intuitions. But on the other hand, you have difficulties of expression, or to show your deep personality. You unlock your potential when you feel confident. Your relationships are fluctuating, as are the moon cycles, but overall you yearn for a calm, serene, and quiet life ... The advice: try to control your emotions and express yourself more because you have many qualities to share.

Your Moon is in Leo:

A very beautiful open mind that makes you want to go to others, meet new people. A deep warm nature that must be shared as it is good around you. But do you know how to show it? You are a very loyal person and you must be very loyal to yourself as well. Do not leave yourself out! The emotional side is your weak point. You are centered on the heart, and if this area is not regular, stable, you suffer a lot. You have a primary instinct developed, good intuitions that guide you perfectly. As a lion, you also have the ability to lead others or bring calm around you. You hate conflicts. Be careful though, the lion must be tamed in you. If you do not let him speak from time to time, it will explode from time to time, and it might surprise those around you who would not expect such sudden aggression! The advice: let this magnificent sign shine around you, others need it as much as yourself.

Your Moon is in Virgo:

The virgin is one of the most perfectionist signs. And you benefit from deep within you. You may have manic tendencies and can not stand being criticized. However, you listen to the critics, and after a little while, you know how to integrate things to your advantage. Your biggest problem is to be rarely satisfied. You set yourself a goal to achieve, you do everything possible, so that this goal is perfect, but along the way, you always find additional improvements possible ... It's an endless game that works for you. Most of you, are aware of it deep inside ... You are also a very sociable person and like to render service as soon as you can. You also have very strong intuitions and can trust your feelings. Advice: Live more in the present moment, enjoying what you have, what is already done, and try not to torture your mind constantly.

Your Moon is in Libra:

The balance symbol of justice, balance, and ... imbalance. You question yourself a lot internally .. You listen to the opinions or grievances of others, but have difficulties sometimes especially if you have to take sides ... You do not want to hurt anyone because in fact, you like everyone, everyone like it is ... We leave it to you to make decisions, or to have your opinion, and as in addition, you generally know a lot of people, it leaves you little time for you ... You are always immersed in an excessive duality, for others but also for yourself. At the same time, you "know" what is right or wrong, but to express it is something else ... More generally, you react by calming things, and spreading a good mood around you. Advice: Refuse from time to time to be at the center of some conflicts, and live a little more for yourself! The others find a balance around you, but cause a permanent imbalance in you, to which you spend your time to remedy ...

Your Moon is in Scorpio:

As a sign of water, you operate with very strong emotions. These emotions may vary with moon cycles. You feel everything powerful, sometimes piquant, whether it's joy, love or hate and pain. Your sensitivity is on edge. Inside everything touches you. Whether you show it or not, because the scorpion is very secretive and protective of itself. When you are in the extreme, you sometimes end up exploding. The hardest thing for you is to maintain a certain emotional constancy. With this sign of the scorpion, you are also very insightful, and have futuristic or avant-garde ideas. You set very high goals, or long-term goals. You are a bit like a visionary! The advice: it is not easy to manage your emotions, maybe you should learn to understand them so as not to suffer them any more. In the long run, you become grudging because you can not bear to suffer anymore ...

Your Moon is in Sagittarius:

Your deep personality is irresistible. You adapt to everything, you love everything, and you emerge from any situation brilliantly. You are both curious enough to be interested in many things even if they are not in your field, and you are really interested in them. Sometimes you go into challenges that seem insurmountable to others. But you have an incredible instinct and you can see before others whether it will work or not. What develops in you, great ambitions that seem crazy or impossible to others. Your successes leave other people confused ... You are also optimistic in nature. The weak points of all this, would be lack of caution and diplomacy .... You always advance regardless of cost, if others follow it is good, if they do not follow, it's not your real problem ... Advice: You have a good star on your head, make the most of it!

Your Moon is in Capricorn:

Many things are hard to express in you. Yet you know your deep values, you know what you love to do, what you want to do ... Do not wait to convince others, or get their approval, do things for you first! You refuse certain pleasures while remaining in the shade. You like to learn, build, or realize then go for it! You could change a lot of things around you if you take action. You like that we recognize your efforts, but you are afraid to introduce something new, so you stay within the limits of what you are asked ... And finally you end up not feeling good .. You are also a loyal and combative person. We can count on you if needed. Advice: let's express what you really want to do, do not wait for others to have the pleasure of doing it before you. Realize yourself!

Your Moon is in Aquarius:

Aquarius, a sign of air, which brings you a great vivacity of mind, a beautiful creativity and a lot of intuitions ... However, you sometimes have difficulty listening to your intuitions or believing in them. You quickly let your mind take over. You quickly realize things around you and also know how to react quickly to adapt. Besides, you do not like the slowness ... neither the limits, ... nor the constraints ... you like freedom above all: personal freedom, freedom to think, etc ... You are of those people who bring ideas, and let others realize them. The manual side, binding, it's not your forte. You know how to question yourself if it is necessary but you do not accept the criticisms at first. Advice: Sometimes take the time to let go of the mind, give some importance to the intuition.

Your Moon is in Pisces:

You are certainly the sign, who has the most developed intuition, but who in addition, know how to use it! We can not hide anything. Anyway, in your presence, the others feel that it is not worth lying to you. They also appreciate the fact, that you understand them easily and that you feel what they feel. What makes you the ideal confidant ... But you, that weighs you down. Feeling everything, guessing everything, can become heavy to bear. Although thanks to this, you can rely on your instinct to make the right decisions, you would like to let go a little. Besides, it is not you who go towards the others, you prefer to be in withdrawal. You do not express your emotions easily. Maybe you think others are like you, and that they can guess them? Do you trust more, do not take this "gift" as a fatality, but try to find a useful use that will allow you to flourish at the same time.

The Moons Cycles:

  • If you were born during the new moon (black moon): You like perpetual novelty, go forward, start new projects, be free and independent, hopeful.

  • If you were born in the first quarter of Moon: You are able to lead and train others. You have a lot of energy to deploy, and you probably have to make decisions as often. Action is your forte, and you are determined to get results.

  • If you were born during the full moon: Self-awareness, and inner shine, you are lights in the night. You are fulfilled, with a beautiful inner strength.

  • If you were born during the last quarter phase of the Moon: Many reflections, great insights, intuitions, you are turned in your inner world and seek to realize around you with conviction and reflection. You do not do anything.

Love and moon sign

Are your moons in connection for love?

To have the Moon in the same sign as that of its partner is a strong index of compatibility in astrology. This position means that both people share the same sensitivity, the same instinctive reactions and the same need for emotional security. Often they have received similar educations in childhood and so feel "together" together. The attachment that describes a lunar connection is of a fusional and irrational order, it refers to deeply buried past experiences, which have structured the sensitivity of individuals to an age still tender. Being reassured - and disturbed - by the same situations, individuals sharing the same lunar sign have little adaptation effort to make to live harmoniously together in everyday life: they are naturally in tune, without forcing themselves. A short overview of the twelve lunar conjunctions ...

The interpretation of moons located in the same sign:

  • Two moons in Aries will live together the same inner roller coaster. They will like to challenge themselves and make their relationship a challenging one.

  • Two Moons in Taurus will like to cocoon together; they will reassure themselves by touch, will have a very sensual, peaceful and homely relationship.

  • Two moons in Gemini will tend to have a fool and to multiply activities. Disordered and playful, these eternal Peter Pan will not want to grow.

  • Two Moons in Cancer will immediately think of "making family" and having children. They will bury themselves under a mountain of hugs.

  • Two Lion Moons will love to forge a life bigger than life with lots of entertainment and twists. The expression of emotions will be powerful.

  • Two Moons in Virgo will be happy to tinker together, to repair and improve their interior. They will understand each other without having to let go.

  • Two moons in Libra will favor balance and reciprocity in all aspects of their relationship. Their couple will be central and priority over children.

  • Two Moons in Scorpio will like to dive into the same emotional abysses. The depth of their relationship will give them the strength to lift mountains.

  • Two Moons in Sagittarius will share a joyful and active lifestyle. Open to the world and his experiments, he will nevertheless appreciate bourgeois comfort.

  • Two Moons in Capricorn are about duration and security. The other is seen as a partner in the management of the family. Hard but very attached to each other.

  • Two Moons in Aquarius will surprise each other. Their home will be the reign of the unforeseen and the contestation. They will not follow a traditional parental scheme.

  • Two Moons in Pisces will live in a bohemian and artistic atmosphere, unstructured or very spiritual, detached from material contingencies.

Moons in friendly signs

Everyday emotional harmony is not exclusive to those who have their moons in exactly the same place in the zodiac. This intimate connection also exists, albeit to a lesser extent, when the moons are in friendly signs. The Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Gemini, Libra and Aquarius Moons, enthusiastic and active because animated by Fire and Air will be heard as thieves in the fair. Even connivance for the Moons of Earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) and Water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces), which need more security than movement.

Moons signs are opposite

We often see a very strong reciprocal attraction, fed by habits of life diametrically different ... The game is nonetheless playable because the sensibilities are complementary-just avoid the relationship turns systematic confrontation. On the other hand, two Moons in a "problem" combination (see here) will have more difficulty to cohabit over time, not for lack of love, but because of their divergent sensitivities. Nothing insurmountable however: it is necessary that the partners take care to leave a great freedom of movement to not be permanently on the back of each other!