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Love test between Sagittarius and Sagittarius

The union of these lovers returns to the meeting, or rather to the confrontation of two natures excessively passionate, often unthinking and superbly egocentric.

It does not bode very encouraging, so specialists usually tend to discourage it. In such a union, who will take the first step forward? Who will submit to the other? The risk of sterile but destructive rivalry being great, it is advisable to the lovers to pursue each one a completely different profession. Without a professional activity that absorbs most of his time and energy, one of them will one day or another feel the blood of revolt bubbling through his veins. Lovers will also be interested in getting away from each other quite often - at least once a year for a few weeks - to maintain their passion. The greater this is, the more the absences will be beneficial, as Bussy-Rabutin said so well: Absence is to love what fire is to the wind; He extinguishes the little one, he stirs the big one.

Sexual Compatibility between Sagittarius and Sagittarius

The Sagittarius woman lives her sexuality most naturally and happily in the world. She knows no taboos or inhibitions, although her background may bear traces of a socio-cultural environment unfavorable to her sexual development. She has a strong vitality and a demanding sexuality. She is one of the most healthy women in the world of sexuality - not that she has no fantasies or sometimes wacky desires, but that she is devoid of any sense of guilt and lives in her own way. desires without complicating life. However, because of her spontaneity and ease, the Sagittarius woman could scare off some traditionalist men who cling to their so-called male privileges and believe that a woman should never take sexual initiatives. These men willingly tax her as "phallic woman" or "praying mantis", which is completely wrong and unfair. Nevertheless, it is true that the Sagittarius woman can not be satisfied with a tepid, bland, or routine sexuality. He must live on volcanoes, leave to leave feathers!

The Sagittarius man is a fiery, fiery and indefatigable conqueror. His eroticism is volcanic. Yet there is no trace of sadism in his behavior. He can even be very tender towards his partners who know how to respond to his enormous appetite. Very expansive, suffering no inhibition, the Sagittarius man is proud of his body and his sex. He makes love with spontaneity, brio - and, some would say, with animality! He satisfies his wishes as much homage to those who knew how to arouse them. He is a fan of the direct assault and the essentials. The Sagittarius man does not usually waste time in long preliminaries or palaver. And he quickly abandons himself in the arms of Morpheus as soon as the final bouquet of the fireworks has taken place. If he does not speak practically during his antics, the Sagittarius man does not remain silent so far. He is distinguished by his many cries, squeaks, moans, grunts and screams. Whoever is in his arms would feel like surrounded by all the animals of the jungle!