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Love test between Scorpio and Scorpio

Two Scorpions should have nerves of steel to consider loving each other or living together. The meeting of their personalities will not fail to produce sparks likely, in certain cases, to cause fires.

Disputes, sulking, cleaning scenes will be their daily bread. What complicates the situation is that they really feel attracted to each other. There will thus be successive scrambles and reconciliations, ruptures and meetings, anger and tenderness, rifts and appeasements, tears and laughter. It's an infernal game that partners will engage with conviction but where they leave feathers. Peaceful happiness would be impossible for them. Do not be fooled by this. But the door will remain open for the pleasures both sweet and infinitely bitter of passion. It was from this sort of pleasure that Laurent de Medici spoke in these terms: "Light, fickle, fugitive pleasure accompanied by a thousand torments, through the deceptive brilliance of which you dazzle us, you hide cruel evils, and your rich and shining adornment covers hideous monsters. "

Sexual Compatibility between Scorpio and Scorpio

The Scorpion woman has one of the most powerful temperaments ever. But that does not mean that she likes to be satisfied with superficial relationships with anyone. Her absolute need is that, when she desires, she engages without restriction. Thus, while having strong impulses, she chooses her partners according to some very strict criteria, and the meetings of passage interest her little. There are some masochistic tendencies in her, of which she is most often only vaguely conscious. Often she can only reach the ultimate sensual pleasure if her partner physically hurts her one way or another - but within limits, of course. The Scorpio woman thinks she is more ungrateful and less desirable than she actually is. This is why in compensation, in her fantasies, she is often victim of rape. The explanation is obvious: if a man takes insane risks by forcing it, it is the proof that it is worth the "blow", that it is irresistible.

There is still in the Scorpion man an old background of machismo. It rarely fails to resurface in sexual encounters. But it is a kind machismo, closer to goodness and condescension than to malice and brutality. Anyway, it is appreciated by women who feel very female. Another trait of Scorpio's sexual behavior is the taste for risk. Danger acts as a powerful stimulant for his libido. Thus, it is not uncommon for him to make love in public toilets, in a telephone booth, or on a barely deserted beach, thus risking being discovered and punished. Needless to say, he totally ignores taboos. This love of risk causes the Scorpio man to diligently maintain the fantasy of rape. Although he can behave perfectly correctly in his real life, he is transformed, in his imaginary life, into a serial rapist several times sentenced to life imprisonment! Of course, this fantasy has some repercussions on her sexual behavior. However, these repercussions are not dangerous but, on the contrary, very exciting for its partners.