Love test

Calculate your love compatibility using astrology, numerology, and the new moon sign cross technique!

Love test between Pisces and Pisces

Since one can not live solely on love and fresh water, those who love each other will sooner or later be confronted with a painful choice.

They will have to change their way of life by reducing expenses and frivolities, or else they will have to leave each other to avoid being a nightmare for each other. As for the infidelities they may have committed, they will have virtually no impact on their relationship, because both have an extremely liberal attitude toward the duties of love.The beginnings of their passion will be wonderful. They will give free rein to their passion, imagination, fantasy and carelessness. They will really be themselves at that time, refusing any constraint and annoyance.But life will soon put them in front of harsh realities. Unless they find a rich patron or collect a colossal inheritance, the problem of money will assail them from all sides. This problem is certainly likely to destroy the most intense passion and the most beautiful romance.It is no secret that Pisces is rather lazy and still hopes that quails will come to him all roasted in the mouth.Lovers can not be too adamant to be cautious about spending and getting serious work done. Life is not just a game. They will have to cling to their work like a lifesaver, no matter how painful it may be. "Laziness is moving so slowly that poverty is catching up with it," said Benjamin Franklin. And poverty is the number one enemy of love.

Sexual Compatibility between Pisces and Pisces

For the woman Pisces, sexuality can take different forms, manifesting itself sometimes as a hurricane, sometimes as an emotion of aesthetic order, even mystical. But in any case, it is colored with sentimentalism and romanticism, prosaicism and vulgarity never having the right of city. It can not be said that the Pisces woman has a particularly powerful sexual temperament. Very receptive to the subtle currents that pass from one being to the other, it can, according to the personality of its partner of the moment and the circumstances, pass from a passionate and demanding attitude to an ethereal and almost asexual behavior! The Pisces woman is therefore a musical instrument with inexhaustible possibilities but of which a man in a hurry, clumsy or having too strong sexuality could never play well. She is not very fond of wild romp. She prefers whispers, delicate gestures - in short, expressions of tenderness. She would like to feel melted than to explode. Definitely, his sex is in his heart!

The Sexuality of the Man Pisces is extremely rich and varied. The manifestations of his eroticism are a grandiose symphony whose melodies follow one another from pianissimo to fortissimo, through allegro to allegretto, harmoniously but totally unpredictable. Nevertheless, this does not mean that the libido of the man Pisces is particularly powerful. We could even say that it is barely average. But no matter, it's the way to express this libido that counts and there, the native of this name is virtuoso. The secret of sexual virtuosity of the man Pisces? He is much more concerned with the pleasure of his partners than with his own satisfaction. Full of tenderness and attention for them, he neglects no detail to make them vibrate to the depths of themselves. In a word, he thinks more of giving than of receiving. The fish man has a very special and very sensual relationship with water. We do not know the exact reason. In any case, the aquatic element is for him a privileged means of expressing his eroticism, and he does not resist it.