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Love test between Libra and Libra

One could say, with perhaps a little exaggeration, that the sense of fidelity is lacking in the sign Balance. Being fickle is for the native what is most natural in the world.

Marivaux said: "As a matter of love, as committed as one is already, the vanity of pleasing elsewhere renders your soul so unfaithful, and gives you such cowardly complacency on such occasions!" Nothing is more boring for Libra than a love without history. Lovers will inevitably engage in endless adventures. Flirting, ripping, cleaning, shouting and tears are more likely to be their daily bread. Their life together will be both a delight and an agony. They will love each other passionately, and at the same time will perpetually seek to make others suffer. This remark by Euripides will find here its most brilliant confirmation: "Love is the sweetest and most bitter thing." Specialists do not know if they should advise or advise against the union between 2 people of the sign Balance. Given the dramas it almost inevitably entails, this union should be avoided.

Sexual Compatibility between Libra and Libra

The Libra woman can find the fulfillment of the senses only in harmony and balance. Any constraint, all abruptness, all dissonance and all disorder are apt to cool his ardor and to deprive him of the desire for a sexual experience. In extreme cases, it could become irremediably frigid. The Libra woman is endowed with a sexual temperament of good quality - neither too weak nor excessive. Here again, the key word, to qualify his libido, is "balance" - balance between sex and feelings, between animality and refinement, between impulses and love games. The atmospheres count for her: the decor, the quality of lights, colors, smells ... With its highly developed aesthetic sense, the Libra woman will have a hard time finding fullness in the arms of a partner she finds ugly. But his conception of ugliness is not ordinary: it may not be physical ugliness, but simply behavioral ugliness - and machismo is part of this ugliness. Thus, a man who is little favored in his physical appearance may find favor in the eyes of this woman if he is polite, courteous, attentive, gallant, well dressed and well maintained, perhaps even a little dandy.

The Libra Man loves for the idea he has of it. Her preference is for very feminine women, a little mysterious, a little inaccessible, perhaps even proud or dangerous. It is with such women that he knows the hottest antics. It is generally believed that the power of the Libra man is not very assertive. It's a mistake, and you have to look at things differently. Indeed, if the Libra man is unparalleled seducer, it is not binding: he hates to be urgent, to force the hand, to charge the hussar. He only gets bolder when he feels that the circumstances are really appropriate. He is not manly in the sense that he is not a domineering male, but a gallant and tactful man; he often even waits for advances. Thus, even in the heat of the moment, the Libra man continues to make love to his partner of the moment. Through delicate allusions and discreet questions, he diligently inquires about the wishes and desires of the other. He does not dry up his praise and his marks of appreciation until his partner, satisfied and satisfied, fell asleep in his arms.