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Love test between Cancer and Cancer

These two characters who love each other usually make a good union. It is not, of course, a union that can serve as a theme of romance or cinema, with tears and cries, disputes and reconciliations, separations and reunions.

On the contrary, it is a peaceful union, without stories, fruit of conscious mutual concessions and reciprocal adaptation efforts. The partners will get along well, both having simple tastes, reasonable ambitions and above all the desire to make their life together a success or at least a semblance of success. We must not forget that Cancer is a being both moral and moralizing. His motto of life would be that which Kant gave: "Act in such a way that the maxim of your will can be set up as universal law." An uninformed observer may even completely ignore the tensions that shake the couple. The partners will sink into the most banal prosaicism by living side by side like two potatoes - without communication, without dialogue, without community of joys and sorrows. Such a situation is explained by the fact that Cancer generally lacks imagination and that the common life does not long resist the onslaught of gloom. "In love, a good deal of madness would be better than stifling stability" (Van Minh).

Sexual Compatibility between Cancer and Cancer

The sexuality of the woman Cancer can only flourish if it is in emotional agreement with her partner, only if she feels loved and be the object of attention and tenderness. Her attachment to the paternal image is so strong that she is always looking, more or less unconsciously, for a solid shoulder, a protective arm. She is endowed with a capricious and changing eroticism. It can be an insatiable day, then the next day vaguely indifferent, according to the variations of its unstable moods. Hypersensitive to moods, the Cancer woman can also easily indulge without restraint when she is confident, only to block completely as soon as something is bothering or disturbing. It takes a lot of skill to lead to the total expression of his sexuality. The Cancer woman has an overflowing imagination. His fantasies are among the craziest with, sometimes, an incestuous coloring. However, she is far from being a sexual pervert; she only has this great ability to feel female to the tips of her nails when she is in perfect confidence with a partner.

If there was to be a perfect sexual partner, it would probably be closer to the Cancer man. It is full of tenderness, affection, romance, and also know-how. In his reports, he gives himself without reserve - with sincerity, innocence and passion. But one could blame him for preferring quantity to quality, because it is very pleasing to women, and they do not resist him. They will also attach themselves to this expert and indefatigable lover that he is. He is an inveterate slugger whose reputation is undeniable. However, to please the man Cancer in bed is difficult and requires a consummate art of seduction and eroticization. Since there is always something big about him, he wants his partners to be gentle, enveloping, reassuring and almost maternal. Besides, he will propose a thousand little games where he will be happy to pamper and pamper. His fantasies are a bit masochistic and he does not hate to be harshly bullied. In his sexual encounters, the Cancer man progresses slowly but surely from the stage of considerate lover and somewhat timid to that of alcove Rambo. And it is usually with gentle violence and healthy animality that ends what began as a fairy tale.