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Love test between Virgo and Virgo

The love relationship between these two partners is only possible on one essential condition: the partners must have no material concerns. Their reports will break down on unavoidable pitfalls if this condition is not fulfilled.

The two lovers would say: "The warmth of the bed does not boil the pot" (Italian proverb). This means that love is less important to them than material comfort and even a certain standard of living. In their eyes, To be happy, a heart, a cottage, Not enough, I'm afraid (Cribe). The love between them will still have to overcome other obstacles in order to achieve its full potential. The enormous self-esteem being one of the most salient traits of the Virgo sign, loving partners will have every interest in taking care of each other; Compliments, even if they are not fully justified, are advisable in all circumstances.

Sexual Compatibility between Virgo and Virgo

The Virgo woman, without being suspicious of her sexual urges, tends to observe and analyze them. She is more inclined to want to understand what is happening in her than to indulge in her sensations, and that can cool down or restrain her impulses. She is endowed with a strong underground sexuality. Taken between her powerful needs and her desire to stay in control, she tends to be suspicious of others and also of herself. But as long as she meets a partner who knows how to secure her and establish complete complicity, she will forget her fears and will then let her strong impulses express herself freely. The Virgo woman instinctively looks for the aesthetic side of things. Nothing displeases her more than vulgarity or obscenity. If she has had a wrong sexual education or inappropriate sexual experiences, she could be led to consider sexuality as something outrageous or outrageous, and thus show more or less marked tendencies to frigidity.

The sexuality of the Virgo man is almost entirely at the orders of his spirit. One could say that he has a cerebral sexuality, because he wants to understand everything, control everything, being afraid to lose himself by letting himself go to his impulses. Yet, these are strong enough and could, when they are unbridled, damn the most virtuous woman in the world. The Virgo man does not like to talk much about sex, and the expression of his sexuality is always marked by a certain reserve. His modesty, his love of discretion, certainly do not favor an open and easy communication, to which he refuses, moreover, of all his fibers. It will take a lot of tricks to discover the fire under the ice. But the business is worth it. The Virgo man is rather conventional and prosaic in his sexual urges. Innovations and games are of little interest to him. As he is always so busy observing and analyzing his emotions and reactions, the manifestations of his eroticism can sometimes be reduced to a simple physical exercise!