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Love test between Aries and Aries

It is sometimes recommended that two Aries avoid cohabitation in order to preserve the freshness of their mutual feelings.

Extremely passionate and active, they will quickly wear out their love if they have to see each other all the time. In addition, inevitable clashes will arise from their daily life together.The two lovers will love each other like crazy until the fire of their passion is extinguished. But this fire can be extinguished suddenly, brutally, without the people and the lovers themselves can foresee the phenomenon. It will be like La Bruyère said: "In love, there is little other reason to love more than to have loved each other too much." The love between them is rarely safe from a certain infantilism. They will be seen arguing frequently about everything and anything. They will also sting violent anger that will not fail to frighten those around them. But what will be more annoying will be their long sulks which they will not know how to get out. They will have to know that "sulking in love is like salt: not too much is needed" (the Kural).

Sexual Compatibility between Aries and Aries

The Aries woman is generally sexually fulfilled. It is easily externalized into physical love. This externalization very often gives her incomparable well-being, both physical and mental, and that is why she actively seeks it, without complex or false modesty. She expresses her sexuality in a way that is both simple and volcanic. Simple, because it does not need complicated situations, frills more or less elaborate to achieve pleasure. Volcanic, because it has a very strong temperament, without being restrained by unconscious inhibitions or concrete considerations. Aries woman's libido is easily aroused: her appetite is always present, and her eroticism swells quickly until the final explosion. When she wants, she tries to take action without waiting. His sexual ways are direct, unambiguous, perhaps a little prehistoric, but eminently haunting, and are a real treat for those who appreciate them.

The Aries man has a very strong sexual impulse. When he desires, he does not know and does not want to wait. Moreover, he must feel exhausted at the end of the action to be fully happy. And still he slightly exceeds his limits. However, passionate lover he is, he may encounter power problems. His "breakdowns" are quite common because he is a nervous person who does not know how to take care of himself. Sometimes it's madness for a week, then flat calm for a month. Aries man's sexual performance is often too brief for his partners. He is a little too likely to go on the assault and behave like a hussar. All women do not like this style, eminently manly though! But if he sometimes lacks delicacy and sensitivity, however he surrenders unreservedly to the passion of passion and feelings. He knows how to give himself totally, and this is a treat for those who know how to appreciate it.