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Love test between Taurus and Taurus

"There are good households, but there are no delicious ones." La Rochefoucauld certainly seemed to exaggerate a little by making this general remark. However, for the case of the union between two bulls, the experiment gives him entirely right.

The two loving partners, as conservative and moralistic as the other, will do everything to give their union at least a semblance of success. It is less important to them to be really happy than to seem to get along. They will give utmost importance to what will be said and will be extremely concerned to set a good example to those around them. "This is a couple!" They would like to hear people comment on them. Whatever happens, they will try to pretend and keep smiling in the presence of others. As for their common life in the home, it will be full of pitfalls because of the permanent tension between the parties. One will always strive to win over the other. I am convinced that in marriage, We can never live happy, When you both order (Ch. Perrault).With age, this struggle will gradually lose its intensity, and the real life of the partners will be closer to the facade they presented to the world until then.Both are sadly realistic and materialistic. That is why they are most often unable to give their relationship a certain romanticism, a certain illusion. Yet the part of the dream is as indispensable to love as the sun to flowers. Spending all their time saving money and household accounts, lovers will be tired of each other one day, however intense their passion may have been. It can not be too much to repeat to them that monotony, banality and prosaicism are the worst enemies of love.

Sexual Compatibility between Taurus and Taurus

For the Taurus woman, sexuality and feelings go hand in hand. It is when she is deeply in love or emotion that she is also the most receptive sexually. However, if his body is not disturbed or upset from top to bottom, his heart is likely to remain marble. She has a vigorous and demanding sexuality. To fill her, her partner must know how to master the whole range of sensuality - from the most subtle caress to the most direct act. The erotic temperament of the Taurus woman is powerful and enduring. That makes her one of the most talented lovers. If his partner is up to it, he can with it be among the privileged who have access to the highest peaks of pleasure. The Bull woman does not suffer strictly speaking of sexual inhibitions. However, here as elsewhere in her life, she is rather traditionalist. For her, there are things that are not done in bed: these are generally the practices that are generally called "sexual perversions".

The Taurus man is essentially a being of flesh: he is sensual to the tips of his nails, both figuratively and literally. For him, sexual pleasure is something perfectly natural. Unless he has been conditioned by a particularly perverse education, he suffers neither inhibitions nor taboos. In sexuality, everything seems good to him, and he intends not to lose a single crumb. He despises the "saboteurs" who do not go out of their way to offer a woman all the pleasure she expects. He plays her like a harp - with fervor, efficiency, gratitude - convinced that the more he gives pleasure, the more he has. But the Taurus man may seem too modest to some of his partners. Indeed, he fears confessions and is miser compliments. Romantic flourishes are not his forte. In his sexual encounters, he prefers to go straight to the point, as if he was afraid of missing him. And yet, he never hurries: he takes his time to make all the fibers of his body flutter one after the other. Of all men, he is the most fervent adept of love in slow motion and loves to play extra time.