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Calculate your love compatibility using astrology, numerology, and the new moon sign cross technique!

Love test between Aquarius and Aquarius

One would be tempted to say that these two beings who love each other have every chance of being happy because they are intelligent and flexible.

This is not exactly what experience usually teaches us. It is rare for natives to reach the heights of amorous bliss, because they lack romanticism, as we will see later. We see them more frequently get along at will thanks to their conscious efforts of tolerance. The two lovers will never be bored. They always have a thousand projects to achieve in absolute complicity. They are interested in everything, want to do everything, see everything, try everything. Nothing leaves them indifferent. We'll see them out of the library to rush into a movie theater, attend a conference on world hunger or a football game, take a snow vacation or sunbathe in Africa. When these two beings have linked their destiny, they find that life is an exciting adventure and go headlong into it. They will not have time to sulk or quarrel. Showing tolerance towards each other, they will often appear in the eyes of the world as an ideal couple.

Sexual Compatibility between Aquarius and Aquarius

The Aquarian woman is not predisposed to frigidity, far from it. But she often keeps a cool head even in the heart of the most disheveled frolics, as if she wanted to observe and analyze his slightest feelings and stay in control of the situation. It is more cerebral than instinctive, more intellectual than sensual. It has little sense of convention. In the sexual field more than elsewhere, she willingly lends herself to all sorts of experiments, even to those which are generally regarded as pure perversions. It is provocative, but in reality it likes to be original and take advantage of the unexpected, the unknown. The Aquarius woman has a low sexual temperament. Her needs are relatively limited, and she may even endure some abstinence. But, on the other hand, when her desire is awake, she suddenly becomes very impatient and accepts very badly that she is resisting him. In addition, it is subject to sudden runaways, and then all dikes can be broken!

Aquarius man's behavior is constant: nothing is constant. Endowed with an overflowing imagination, he has an inexhaustible repertoire of erotic fantasies. He is never short of ideas to redo a thing the same way. For its partners, it is a box of surprises - stunning and pleasant surprises, of course. His intuitions are lightning towards his partner of the moment. He feels them at the same time, knows how to fill them deliciously and never in the same way. It seems that he is telephatically connected to the impulses of the other. Of all men, the Aquarius man is the least misogynist. It is not only for the equality of the sexes, but also for the legality of orgasms. He is perfectly talented to bring his partners to supreme enjoyment at the same time as him. For this native, simultaneous orgasm is not a myth, as many sexologists claim, but a reality: it would be enough to know how to do it! He is also able to provoke in his partners repeated orgasms.