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Love test between Capricorn and Capricorn

These two beings, both of whom have great moral qualities, will be able to appreciate one another and base their love on mutual respect.

They will also be able to make reciprocal concessions and thus satisfy the condition sine qua non of the success of any romantic relationship. There are two pitfalls on which their union could fail and break. The first is boredom. Traditionalists and domesticated, lovers will tend to live folded on their own, barricaded in their niche, safe from wholesome fantasy. They will not be long in finding life dull, and each of them will tire imperceptibly of the presence of the other. The cure for evil? An opening on the outside world and a good dose of madness. Too much wisdom and too much seriousness depresses. You have to know how to have fun from time to time. The other pitfall lies in one of the best qualities of the partners. They are generous and disinterested. Their motto would be: "To join hands is good, but opening them is better." They do not know how to say no to others, even to the parasites to whom they should refuse any help.

Sexual Compatibility between Capricorn and Capricorn

The Capricorn woman always shows a certain reserve with respect to sexuality, which can result in shyness. This tendency may be all the more marked if the native has received inadequate or erroneous sex education. Even in our age of sexual frankness, she most likely has inhibitions and doubts about herself. But despite appearances, she is basically endowed with a powerful sexual temperament. This can put her in an uncomfortable position, because she is between a certain discomfort with sexuality and demanding needs. It can make him feel guilty, or tend to view sexuality as something degrading. In any case, the Capricorn woman is usually slow to adapt to sexual activity, and even more so to take a liking to it. He needs a certain period of learning and complicity with a partner before he can give free rein to his libido. Any abruptness, any brutality, any lack of tact and benevolence can provoke in her a reflex of refusal and even frigidity.

In the sexual domain as in many others, the Capricorn man has reserved and timid airs. He is rather clumsy and lacks self-confidence. Yet, he has a powerful libido, which only wants to express itself in all its vigor. Hence a sense of guilt that he often feels and has trouble controlling. That being said, once the Capricorn man has overcome his reluctance, nothing will stop him. With a caring and understanding partner, he will quickly move from the inactivity of a swaddled mummy to the unleashing of the werewolf on a full moon night! The Capricorn man loves to make love without saying a word. But his burning gaze, fiery kisses and feverish caresses replace many compliments and encouragements. During each meeting, the Capricorn man does not hate the resting places where, closely entwined, the partners let themselves go to a soft torpor. Then suddenly, without warning, he wakes up and shows a breathtaking energy boost and unrestrained virility.